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Quiz F on Chapters 14 and 15 of the textbook

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Quiz F on Chp. 14 and 15 of Textbook


1. If you need to post a bond when Real Property is sold, how much is the bond?


2. Does a person have to be a resident of California to be an administrator in a California Probate? What residency is required?


3. If a will has a "pour over will" how do you list the trustee in attachment #8 to the Petition for Probate?


4. What does Probate Code §13500 provide for, and when do you use it?


5. How do you qualify as a "surviving spouse"?


6. If a wife leaves her interest in a home to her husband as a "life estate", can the husband use Probate Code §13500, why or why not?


7. What are the contents of a Declaration under Probate Code §13600?


8. How do you change title of real property held as community property with right of survivorship?


9. What do you need to prepare and file with the court when you file a Spousal Property Petition and what do you do before and then after the hearing?


10. What is a Spousal Property Order?

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