Quiz A - Chapter 1 and 2 of our textbook

Quiz A - Chapter 1 and 2


Quiz on Chp. 1 and 2 - Textbook



1. What are the preliminary steps in settling an estate?


2. How long does it take to settle an estate?


3. Whate are the common types of property in a simple estate?


4. What is the difference between the "gross" and "net" estate?


5. List the types of property that need not be probated.


6. Where do you obtain a death certificate, and what is one easy way to get one?


7. Are safe-deposit boxes seald on the death of the box holder? How do you obtain the contents?


8. What does a declaration under Prob. Code ยง13500 provide for? what are the restrictions? what kind of property does it cover, does it not cover?


9. If a decedent ides on April 28th, can the estate cash Decedent's Social Security Check for April? for May? and why, or why not?


10. What is a "Totten Trust" and how does a beneficiary get the funds released?


11. Why are the proceeds of life insurance not part of the decedent's estate?


12. When can the Department of Health Services impose a lien to recover medical expenses? and impose a lien on what?