Use  Facts to use with all Probate Forms


Login to your LACCD Student Email, and download and install MS Office 365 so you have access to MS Word, etc. to use on your assignments. 


If you do not have MS Word program, login to your LAMC Student email, and download Office 365 to your computer.  Remember to save form as a .doc to upload it to Etudes. if all else fails, for Prof. Gudino's class thenfax Prof. Gudino at  fax 818-638-5798 and then post date and time in etudes you faxed the form. For Prof. Hibler's on campus class, you can submit the form in person to Prof. Hibler in class.


Judicial Council - Probate Court forms


Assignment # 5 - Prepare Form DE - 111 Petition for Probate


Assignment # 8 - Duties and Liabilities of Personal Representative (DE-147)


Assignment #  9 - Prepare Letters Testamentary DE - 150


Assignment # 10- Petition for Waiver


Assignment #11 - Notice of Administration DE 157


Assignment #12 - Inventory and Appraisal sample - DE 160 - look  how to prepare forms # DE 160 and 161 


Assignment #13 - Prepare DE-161 Inventory and Appraisal - Attachment #1 and #2 to Inventory DE 161 - Sample Inventory


Assignment #14 - Prepare Petition for Final Distribution


Assignment #15 - Prepare Order of Final Distribution