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Probate Law

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Welcome to Law 20 - Probate Law  

Due Dates - Facts to use with all Probate Forms - probate-forms  


textbook for the class 


Due Dates for the class are at - http://duedates.pbwiki.com

stay in touch with your online tutors for the class - http://paralegaltutors.pbwiki.com





Probate Law Sources

information on probate

conducting a simple probate

checklist for handling a simple estate

filing court locator

Introduction to the Probate Code

How to Probate a Case - Santa Clara Courts - Self - Service

Diagram of Probate Process

Trusts and Estates Outline - Lexis-Nexis


Drafting a Will

will drafting requirements - willform.htm

simple will format

a guide to wills


Probate forms to prepare

Judicial Council - Probate Court forms

Assignment #5 - Prepare Form DE - 111 Petition for Probate

Assignment # 8 - Duties and Liabilities of Personal Representative (DE-147)

Assignment # 9 - Prepare Letters Testamentary DE - 150

Assignment # 10- Petition for Waiver

Assignment #11 - Notice of Administration DE 157

Assignment #12 - Inventory and Appraisal DE 160

Assignment #12 - Sample Inventory

Assignment #13 - Attachment #1 to Inventory DE 161

Assignment #14 - Prepare Petition for Final Distribution

Assignment #15 - Preapre Order of Final Distribution


Articles to Read


How to Study Law

Good Legal Writing

Read Like a Lawyer

The Uses of Argument

Analytic Thinking

Character counts



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